Lynn Johnson, Executive Director

Onaway, Michigan

Lynn recreates Michigan’s early history by sharing a captivating historical fiction story. The narrative is approximately one hour in length. Listeners are taken on a journey back in time to 1634, the year Jean Nicolet arrived to the Straits area. Lynn has incorporated lessons from 3rd and 4th grade Social Studies curriculum pertaining to the French Fur Trade time period including Samuel De Champlain and the Northwest Passage. Her audience will witness demonstrations of primitive survival skills and life ways of the Anishinaabe, People of the Three Fires. Lynn will interact with her students by allowing them to become part of her story. Critical thinking, including environment awareness will have students experiencing history beyond the walls of a classroom. A display of reproduction artifacts enhances this imaginary journey into Michigan’s past.


Nick Barber, President


Boyne Falls, Michigan


With an interest in family history from a very young age, Nick continued to pursue this passion through his school years. During junior high, one of his teachers, who was himself a Revolutionary war reenactor, clued Nick in that people actually get together to try to recreate life in the time period through the use of authentic tools and methods.

As a result of this passion, Nick completed his degree in history, spending years teaching at the secondary and university levels.


Today, Nick’s historical focus is on the 17th and 18th century history of the French and Dutch colonies in North America. When not educating students as a presenter for Lakewell, Nick spends his time researching and reproducing material goods from the time period as well as working to open his own brewery in northern Michigan. ___________________________________________________________ 

John Leach, Historical Interpreter

Traverse City, MI

Born and raised in Michigan, John has been in love with history his entire life. From summer trips with family to places like Fort Michilimackinac or the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Bay, to books about Daniel Boone's adventures in Kentucky, John has always avidly pursued various historical interests.

In his early teenage years, a neighbor (and now dear friend) introduced John to the world of primitive camping and historical reenactment. This opened the door for a slew of new historical adventures including sailing on a recreation of the British sloop Welcome, travelling to numerous historic sites to participate in living history events and present research to the public, as well as researching and creating quality reproductions of original artifacts.

John loves to share his knowledge of historic material culture, focusing on time periods between the 16th and 18th century in a North American context. The age of early European contact and exploration of the New World is a fascinating and exciting time, and is crucially important to our understanding of how the society in which we exist today was formed!

Jeffrey Flint, Historical Interpreter


Stockbridge, MI


Portraying a voyageur in the Great Lakes area from the second half of the 18th century, Jeff enjoys being able to share his passion for paddling a canoe with Lakewell students. With Canadien ancestry, he feels a personal connection to the past through recreating the lifestyle of a voyageur on land, rivers, and the big lakes. Jeff particularly enjoys the common-sense, practical skills gained through living the life of an 18th century voyageur.

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